I am currently helping my father to sort through his photographic collection, getting it all catalogued and finding new homes for much of it. We keep finding more boxes, but currently the collection stands at 233 cameras, 69 lenses, 3 tripods, 14 cases, 28 flash guns and 48 other items! We haven’t even got to the collection of light meters yet.

I’ve set up a new microsite for the collection at collection.guyjbrown.com.

This will be regularly updated as I continue to catalogue the items and photograph them. I’m sure that the collection will also inspire more posts on this site, since there are lots of possibilities for using vintage lenses on modern digital cameras and there are some unique custom-made cameras in the collection, including a number of pinhole cameras.

A few of the interesting finds are illustrated below. There are some very nice folding cameras, lots of vintage Kodak equipment and some fascinating Russian cameras. The Zorki cameras are built like tanks but have very nice lenses, such as the Helios 44M and Jupiter-8, that are based on early Zeiss designs. I’ve been having some fun with using those on a mirrorless camera, and will post about that soon.

agfa synchro box camera cosmic symbol zeiss ikoblitz flash petri camera ensign ross folding camera zorki-4 camera zorki-11 camera